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Empower action through continuous human understanding using our digital research tools.

Seamlessly integrated, mobile-first Quant & Qual data collection, insight community and analysis technology.

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Advanced reporting & analysis tools.

AI powered text analytics. Real-time visual reporting. Dashboards.

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Easy-to-use, intuitive drag-and-drop survey programming.

Do anything a programmer can with little training. Survey & interactive question libraries. Mobile-first technology.

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Online insight community software - driven by engaging & visually rich tech.

Market-leading engagement tools. Front and back end interfaces.

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Online Qual tools - powerful, interactive, and flexible.

Easy-to-use platform features. Rich, engaging tech.

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A unique, all-in-one, secure and encrypted software solution. Trusted by the Fortune 500.

GDPR compliant, Secure Socket Layer (SSL), ISO 27001 standards.

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Some of our Customers

What we enable you to do

QuMind is a One Platform, One Insight Solution. Powered by an integrated set of Quant and Qual tools. Our centralised platform enables you to self-serve build, manage and invite target audiences to engaging Surveys, Online Qual groups and Online Communities.

We are a self-serve Surveys, Online Qual and Online Community platform provider with unique and optional wrap-around support and consultancy services. We form part of the MindMover group which includes MindMover Insight Consulting. Market insights has been part of what we do since 1999. MindMover was one of the first agencies to see the power of online research, and we’ve been innovating new technology ever since.

We have an in-house experienced team of global software developers, operations and consultancy insights experts. We have created every tool and piece of software in QuMind over the last 19 years.

Agile insights powered by QuMind

Understand how we can help you to get closer and better understand your customers.

Talk to your audience on any device & collect the facts with our Quant and Qual platform. Spot the trends and analyse the data with our reporting, analysis and text analytics tools.

Seamlessly interview your customers, prospects, employees, patients, or anybody else. Invite respondents to take branded, mobile-friendly, engaging & professional looking research studies via our email invitation tool. Use your email lists, our global panel, your own panel, insight community, other external panel, social media and any other source to send out invites. Our large library of interactive questions will keep your respondents fully engaged. Collect data in real-time and analyse it using our suite of reporting, analysis and text analytics tools. Self-serve and run market research, product testing, concept testing, ideation, Voice of the customer (VoC), Voice of the employee research on the QuMind platform. If you require extra support, we can provide wrap around services from our support and consultancy teams.


  • Surveys

    Intuitive and dynamic features

    Select question type and drag-and-drop into survey build screen

    Add question text, media, routing, etc

    Preview question & save

    Become an expert survey builder in no time

    Do anything a full-time survey programmer can do, with an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface.

    • Create custom surveys or use templates easily
    • 60+ question types in our question library
    • Simple single/multi select question types to grids
    • Interactive, mobile-first questions, including sliders, ranking and card sorts
    • Interactive elements such as heat maps and dial testing
    • Multimedia questions allow for shelf tests, images, and video
    • Collect user-generated content using photos and videos
    • Survey routing logic (conditional, skips, etc)
    • Easily set up complex routing & check (e.g. block rotations, loops,randomising/shuffle questions and sections)
    • Automatic quality checking tools (e.g. require answers to open questions, limit number of responses, red herring questions)
    • User-friendly system to create quotas, from simple demographics to complex least-filled, block rotation techniques
    • Custom question libraries to save programming time
    • Many more features!

    Fully branded and customised survey templates

    Mobile first, works on any device

    Template questions available at the click of a button

    A suite of 60+ template questions at your disposal with scope for customisation.

    Swipe questions

    Video responses


    Sliders, ratings

    Word highlighter

    Image and videos

    Drag-and-drop, card sorts, baskets and ranking

    Hot spot and heatmap

  • Reporting Analysis Suite

    Raw data exporting

    Seamless raw data exporting Ms Excel (csv.), SPSS, Q-software, PRN and other major formats

    Export raw data based on date ranges, sources, respondent status, other key variables/fields and device used

    Create and download data maps

    Top lines

    Manage your top line results from one platform. Demonstrate key findings in an agile manner with automated tables and charts.

    • View counts and or percentages
    • Visualise data in charts
    • Create top breaks
    • Generate automatic word clouds
    • Many more features!

    Automated charts

    Real-time data view

    Create reporting links for your clients and other stakeholders.

    Dashboard charting

    Select which questions to show

    Live reporting

    Cross-tabulation analysis tool

    Easily export to Excel using the advanced tabulation tool.

    • Build simple and complex cross tabulations
    • Create multiple simple and advanced breaks
    • Apply data filters
    • Drag-and-drop interfaces
    • Apply various analysis to your tables

    Run statistical analysis such as:

    • Weighting
    • Mean scores
    • Standard deviation
    • Significance testing
    • Many more standard stats…

    Text analytics tools powered by AI

    Powerful text analytics tools powered by the industry leading “IBM Watson” AI engine.


    • Open-end analysis
    • Sentiment analysis
    • Automated word clouds
    • Available for Quant and Qual projects
    • Constant up-to-date AI development

    Bespoke dashboards

    Real-time dashboards which bring results alive in a ready-to-go, no-nonsense format.

    Our platform is integrated with Tableau and Ms Power BI. We can integrate with other third parties if required.

    Fast and accurate stakeholder-ready reporting

  • Project Management

    Project management

    Start, monitor, manage and finish fieldwork, all in one centralised place.

    • Manage & monitor survey quotas
    • Observe KPIs on surveys
    • Real-time metrics at both granular and project level
    • Open, pause and close projects
    • Export/download your survey to share with stakeholders or for translation (all languages)
    • Manage connections to external sample suppliers

    One centralised place

    Sampling & targeting respondent segments

    User-friendly sampling stratification tools that use a simple drag-and-drop interface.

    • Effectively target niche/specific/hard-to-reach customer groups
    • Drag-and-drop target criteria into your sample framework screen
    • Save commonly used targeting criteria into the sampling library/favourites menu for quick use
    • Easily create, save and use sampling frameworks which require rotations or alike within the survey

    Drag-and-drop interface

  • Online Communities & Panel

    Panellist and community management

    Monitor and engage interactively with community members, and reward them for their hard work.

    • Manage & monitor community members
    • Incentive management
    • Community member surveys history
    • Member details and profiles
    • Community rules management
    • Upload new community members

    Detailed community member management

    Community management suite

    Community panel health stats via easy-to-use dashboard reporting.

    Panel Health Reports:

    • Panel size, profile, KPIs, etc
    • Comparisons by year/month/week and by member profile data
    • Graphs of key figures

    Management Tools:

    • Manage panel pages: place, add, edit, or remove content
    • Manage multimedia assets (e.g. add new videos to thank panel members for their participation)
    • Create and moderate discussion forums and send out community newsletters

    Engaging community websites

    Engaging community website tools, all mobile optimised, with a range of alternatives and add-ons if you like the sound of them!

    Welcome videos

    Diaries & discussion groups

    Video responses and roving reports

    Many more engaging community tools

  • Online Qual

    Online Qual - bulletin boards, forums, diaries, journals & pop-up communities

    Our Online Qual tools are highly engaging and interactive, ensuring your insights are as powerful as can be. The platform is easy to use and dynamic. A Qual group can be set up in a short space of time with minimal training. Features include:

    • Sequencing different discussions to show at different times
    • Unbiased answers – only show other respondents’ posts after the respondent has made a post
    • Enabling private diaries – the respondent can only see theirs and the moderator’s posts
    • Respondent like/comment on others’ posts
    • Tagging posts for segmentation analysis
    • Locking discussions (stop replies)
    • Uploading videos/images or embedding Youtube videos into posts, and allow respondents to do the same
    • Creating polls within posts
    • Embedding a host of survey questions within the bulletin boards (drag & drop questions, image highlighter, ranking questions etc)
    • Notifications for when someone creates a new topic or replies to the respondent

    Online Qual - focus groups & live chats

    • Share stimulus such as images, files and video during live chat
    • One-to-one chats, or group discussions
    • Grant observer access – they can watch but not post
    • Grant third-party access to moderate, etc
    • Background chat area – moderators & observers can talk, hidden from respondents
    • Download transcripts

    Allow clients to view as an observer

    Online Qual - video upload & analysis

    •  Respondents can upload a video
    •  Sentiment analysis
    •  Explore key themes
    •  Transcript creation within 24 hours of upload
    •  You can create reels and isolate key words
    •  Create word clouds from transcripts
    •  Filter the transcript data on different segments
  • Knowledge Library

    Knowledge library

    Centralising and securing your research material and file sharing company wide.

    The Knowledge Library provides a simple solution to your file sharing and storage issues. Fully GDPR-compliant and accessible via the same platform as our other tools, it is a secure and easy way to upload files online, and share them with your colleagues and stakeholders. Create/edit folders for categorisation with ease. Unlike an external platform like Google Drive, the Knowledge Library sits within the same platform.

    One secure & centralised place

  • Integrations/API

    Third party integrations

    Automate and streamline your work flows with QuMind third party integrations via API.

    Integrate your; CRM, Data warehouse, Data lake, and other third parties

    The QuMind team has experience building small and large scale third party integrations

  • Support Wiki

    Support Wiki

    Our platform is easy to use but if you do get stuck we have a vast Wiki with text, image and video to help you along!

    • Browse our Wiki for step-by-step instructions on any feature and best-practice guides
    • Contact our client helpdesk team via a dedicated:
      • Helpdesk ticketing system
      • Live chat
      • Phone line
      • Face to face
    • We also offer a variety of assisted self-serve options such as help with survey programming, community management and project management. Our 19 years of experience is at your full disposal

    IT and full service support


Access even greater insight into your market with our consultancy services. Tailor-made market research and in-depth expert analysis.

How can our expert consultants help you?


Find out what your customers actually want.

Using a series of techniques, our team of experts will help you refine your product offer and allow you to launch with confidence:

MaxDiff. Test product concepts to shortlist, and prioritise, the features worth investing in.
Ideation. Work with your customers to inspire and refine your ideas.
Concept testing. Screen multiple ideas to determine which are most likely to appeal.


Invest in the right places with the right offers.

Get to know your target market using the following specialist surveys, omnibus reports and data-gathering models:

Usage & Attitudes. Engage with your audience to understand purchasing drivers.
Market Sizing. Measure the true size of your target market and ensure it is worthy of investment.
Data Fusion. Fuse multiple data sources to gain accurate and reliable insight, such as: Customer
Satisfaction, Repeat Purchase Data, Questionnaires, Customer Behaviour.


Specialist research models that help you categorise your customer base.


Segment your customers by behaviour, spending habits or demographic, so that you can tailor
your business towards those segments that provide maximum value.


Measure emotional engagement and customer satisfaction.

Our research shows that customer purchasing is almost always down to emotional engagement between brands and consumers.

Emotional Engagement Testing. In conjunction with the Psychology Department, Southampton
University, we have developed a process to measure consumers’ genuine responses to different
Customer Satisfaction Surveys.We can run continuous tracking to establish key performance
indicators, delivering feedback across your entire customer community.


Optimise your POS, advertising and media executions.

Our Media Performance consultant service can measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns in two ways:

Communication testing. Design your direct mail, online banner ads or TV advertising to ensure
your campaign delivers the desired message.
Advertising effectiveness. Track advertising performance to optimise future media spend and
demonstrate the value of your investment.


Define your customers’ purchasing journey.


We communicate with your customers, from awareness of your products or services through to
purchasing and evaluation of their experience. Understanding the key triggers that influence their
decisions along the way will ensure you can put your product front of mind.


QuMind is much more than just a platform provider

Pick and choose how we can support you, based on your ad hoc or long term project needs.

Our assisted self-serve model can be scaled up or down at short notice to suit your unique work patterns. Below you will find the types of project support we can offer to supplement your self-serve needs.

QuMind is part of the MindMover Group, meaning we have 20+ years of experience in all the areas listed below. Our research insights background enables us to deliver expert support and consultancy wrapped around the QuMind platform.

Onboarding & Technical Support teams

Project Managers (Quant/Qual)

Survey Programmers

Panel & Community Managers

Qual Moderators

Data Processing & Cross-tabs


Our London and Mumbai based QuMind teams bring together experience, diversity and talent to keep developing cutting-edge Quant and Qual data collection and analysis software.

We take pride in our innovative start-up work environment. This continues to promote lots of idea generation in the team, leading to some pretty cool tech for our clients!

Meet some of the management team below:

Mark Ursell


Mark founded MindMover in 1999 and later QuMind. He has overall responsibility for the MindMover Group. His vast experience in online insights and innovation help power the delivery of new insight tech solutions at QuMind.

Alan Hargreaves

Director - QuMind

Alan has overall responsibility for the QuMind business unit, taking care of strategy, key client accounts, new business, product innovation, quality and data security. Alan co-founded and headed the set-up of QuMind from inception after his own last research business start-up venture.

Dalius Ivanovas

Head of I.T

Head of QuMind I.T and its prize lead developer, Dalius co-founded and developed the QuMind platform since day one. He oversees the continuous development of the self-serve platform, data integrations, 3rd party tools/APIs and data security.

Valentin Calugaru

Head of Delivery & Support

Vali heads up the client delivery and support teams. Taking care of training, on-boarding and support. With 14+ years of experience within Market Research Insights, there really is no one who knows our systems better!

Vasiliki Georgiou

Research Director (Qual)

Vasiliki (Vicky) has been a qualitative specialist for over 10 years. Beyond consumer research, her experience includes user research, expert interviews, and substantial B2B research. Vicky has a PhD and academic publications in sociolinguistics/discourse analysis.

Kevin Woods

Research Director (Quant)

Kevin has over 9 years' market research experience working across global brands. He specialises in utilising quantitative techniques such as MaxDiff, TURF or Conjoint to understand consumer behaviour.


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