The Ultimate Plugin For Insight Teams: Where Ambition Meets Informed Action

In the race to stay relevant, innovation is your vehicle, and attentive customer listening is the fuel. We support businesses through a blend of cutting edge technology and our consultancy team to unlock the power of insight to drive evidence-based decision making.

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We believe in the power of research and insight to inform business decisions, and end the world of “hunches”

In the dynamic realm of consumer Insight, where excitement meets complexity, navigation can be challenging. It often consumes time, demands significant resources, and if avoided, often leads to expensive mistakes.

QuMind addresses these challenges head-on through its innovative platform, seamlessly integrating quantitative and qualitative research data, with comprehensive AI driven analysis, and reporting tools to put insight front and center of innovative decision making. Essentially, we've crafted a service that equips businesses with the propulsive force needed to make intelligent decisions, effortlessly.

“QuMind is the only platform on the market that literally does everything. There is not a single question this platform cannot do.”

Head of Insights, Retail

An insights platform for businesses looking to move quickly and efficiently

With our complete suite of feature-rich quantitative and qualitative tools at your fingertips, combined with cutting edge AI reporting tools to save you time, the QuMind platform allows you to uncover the insights needed to guide your decision making.

Interactive surveys

Access to a global audience

End to end project management

Customer forums, video diaries, pop-up communities and chat rooms

Customer community engagement and management

AI-driven analytics

Cross-department reporting dashboards

And more…

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Join 1,000 other businesses who have used QuMind

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Witness a 40% reduction in the study lifecycle time

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Over 5 million consumers have been connected with through our platform

Plugin for insights teams

The ultimate plug-in for insights teams

With an extensive 25 years of experience collaborating with in-house insights teams, conducting comprehensive research to unveil customer preferences, market trends, and product feedback, we stand as the ideal partner for companies aspiring to embrace a true insight-led approach.

Witness a reduction in time, spend, headaches, and confusion, making your decision-making smoother and more efficient, by using the team at QuMind as your outsourced resource.

Our team of research experts can boost your in-house capacity or bring specialist expertise to your team.

Project management

Research recommendation and design


Full service research including complex studies such as pricing, market sizing or segmentation

Set up, recruit, moderate and debrief qualitative studies

Build, manage and engage long term or pop up customer communities

Full reporting of results and mediating the action plan that should follow

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3,600+ surveys scripted

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Over 1.6 million completed surveys

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Access over 144 million respondents across 133 markets

Impacting the bottom line: Transparent, flexible pricing and support

In today's dynamic and swiftly evolving business landscape, remaining agile has never been so important. We understand this, which is why we offer flexible and transparent pricing to our clients.

Pick and choose what you need, at the right time, and transform the insight process that turns raw data into strategic advantage.

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“The QuMind team is an extension of our team. I know that when I pick up the phone my need will be sorted quickly and within budget. They act as a sounding board and can support and upskill our team when we need it, a true partner.”

Head of Insights, B2B

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