Centralising a database of millions of subscribers to talk to at short notice

How we helped The Guardian

  •    Need

The Guardian had a database of millions of subscribers that they were keen to talk to at short notice, however, they had no centralised platform to do this. In addition, the subscriber base had a mixture of demographics including Gen-Z, millennials and 55+, each requiring specialised engagement approaches.

  •    Approach

A centralised and "always on" insight community that gives a real voice to The Guardian subscribers. Our platform integrates all research methods and approaches into one platform. This enables The Guardian to question members in a myriad of ways and analyse results quickly. We also provide a community manager to look after day-to-day management and incentives.

  •    Outcome

We brought The Guardian team closer to subscribers. Research results are now more easily integrated into the business for quick action.

"The setup of the community has been seamless with QuMind leading. We felt secure knowing they have 20+ years of experience in this field. The option to self-serve or have full service options has been revolutionary for us."

Antonia Cheese

Global Sales Director

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